Ballmer stumps for Windows 7
Date: Thursday, January 08 @ 09:16:13 PST
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best Windows ever

Steve Ballmer made his keynote speech at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Ballmer announced the availability of the Windows 7 Beta Test (starts tomorrow) and extolled the virtues of PCs to a suitably appreciative audience.

Ballmer takes on his latest sales speech job from his old boss Bill Gates, who retired from the CES Keynote Speech job last year. Ballmer comes across as somewhat more charismatic than, say, Philip Schiller. And the new Windows looks fairly exciting, as much as one can get excited about a Microsoft operating system these days.

It seems fairly certain that Microsoft is abandoning Vista and hanging its hat on Windows 7. That's probably a good move. Vista (nicknamed Me II in honor of the last disastrous roach hotel OS from Microsoft) has done more to hurt Microsoft's credibility than anything since Bob.

We might have to look at the 7 Beta, although betas do tend to be unstable, fickle and extra touchy. Still it might be worth seeing if Windows 7 is that much different from Vista. Microsoft needs to come up with a new flagship OS, sooner rather than later.

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