Viva Groklaw
Date: Wednesday, January 07 @ 03:30:20 PST
Topic: News

Mission accomplished, what next?

Groklaw, the iconic website best known as the heckler for SCO's war on Linux, is changing its mission. Pamela Jones, the ultra-private driving force behind the site, has finally retired from the daily grind of articles she has produced, faithfully, for 5 years.

Pamela formed Groklaw in 2003, originally for following what turned into the absurd and farcical SCO lawsuits, but Groklaw turned into much more than that. Thousands have turned to Groklaw to learn not only about SCO's hijinks but to learn about IP law, especially in relation to technology, and the legal process in general. What made Groklaw especially valuable was Pamela's ability to explain difficult legal concepts in ways a non-legal audience would understand. Along the way, an impressive and extremely valuable collection of documents, ephemera, timelines, stories, and archives has been collected. A fairly large community, made up of both supporters and trolls, has continued to patronise the site and add loads of comments for every article.

Pamela has indicated that she needs to do something else, since it's fairly obvious that SCO has now lost (ok, there's a yawntastic appeal about to happen, but nobody but SCO and their most rabid fans thinks they have a chance of winning an appeal). The site will continue, if only for preservation of its invaluable resources, and it appears members of the community are stepping up to the plate to help out.

We at LWD wish Pamela the very best and thank her for her hard work for the past 5 years, fighting for software freedom, and helping to align the community to better defend itself from those who would crush it. Viva Groklaw, may it live on in whatever new form it takes.

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