Macworld (yawn)
Date: Wednesday, January 07 @ 03:05:21 PST
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Will the world miss Macworld?

So Steve Jobs has passed the last Macworld keynote address to Phil Schiller. Steve hasn't been well, and has issued a press release explaining his weight loss as being due to a "homone imbalance" which is now being treated. Apple sotck has been spasming with every rumour of Steve's health, so at least this should calm down the worriers.

As for the 90 minute keynote address, it was underscored not so much for being boring (it wasn't), but more to the point, Apple isn't rocking the world so much this year. When the high point of the keynote is announcing that iTunes is scrapping DRM, and modifying its prices depending on the content owner, it wasn't exactly a surprise - anybody who follows the online content industry knows that this was coming as soon as the Big 4 started releasing DRM-free content on their own (crappy, overpriced) portals.

Other announcements are that iLife '09 will have a revamped iMovie (I didn't think the old version was that bad..) and iPhoto will support face recognition and geolocation. Garage Band will have nifty new "free lessons" for guitar and piano using such notables as John Fogarty and Sting. iWork will support collaboration (why it hasn't before is a mystery). And there's a new 17" Macbook unibody for around $3000.

Truly, Macworld is going out with a whimper. To be fair to Apple, Macworld is an anachronism, a throwback to the days of when Apple could only really communicate via Macworld. The company is growing up, in no small part due to the Internet, the iTunes store, the extensive network of Apple Stores around the world, and a rather good online store too. It can also be argued that Apple is maturing as a company too, and there are only so many whizzy gizmos you can expect to sell in a global economic meltdown.

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