Happy New Year
Date: Tuesday, January 06 @ 12:35:37 PST
Topic: Announcements

Well, 2008 wasn't much fun

We at LWD would like to wish you a better 2009 than any of us had in 2008. We're all glad to see the back end of it, and looking forward to having some hope of a better 2009.

We haven't been able to geet the new CMS up in 2008 due to the programmer's health. And we haven't had as many articles as we wanted because, well, we've been awfully busy, let's just say work has been kind of a mess.

This year I'm going to try to take LWD in another direction, which actually brings it back to its original roots. We're going to talk about technology again, do some blogging, and poke fun at some silly things going on around us. If you ever want to comment on anything we write here, just hop on over to our sister site, http://littlewhitedog.com and leave a comment there. You have to join there, but the staff don't bite, much.

I'll try to sum up 2008 in the next news article. A lot of stuff happened which should be good news, but isn't always. Anyway, here's hoping that 2009 will be an improvement on the past year.

Edisonrex, your host

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