Internet Radio Royalties Compromise
Date: Thursday, September 25 @ 02:28:43 PDT
Topic: News

Much more reasonable than putting everybody out of business

Last year, the Copyright Review Board dealt a body blow to internet radio stations by raising royalty rates beyond what most shoestring-budget operations could afford. Despite significant protest actions by listeners, providers, and even the artists that the royalties are purported to be collected for, the CRB, urged on by the Media Monopolists, seemed certain to crush the nascent internet radio industry, at their own expense.

That is, until someone finally saw reason. Rather than charge per play, a compromise agreement has been reached which allows royalties to be collected on actual revenues instead. Generally, an Internet radio station will pay 10.5% of revenues to royalties, with minimum royalty payments in some circumstances. This is a welcome compromise to what promised to be a disaster for streaming media.

Note also that if an artist wishes to stream content for promotional purposes, the agreement allows "use without payment", so free streaming of original material can exist in this model.

We can only hope that the Copyright Royalty Judges rule in favor of this agreement.

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