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There's another one

My commute to work from home is a little over seven miles, most of which is underground as I take the London Underground most of the time now. So I thought I'd count how many surveillance cameras there are on my way from my door to my office desk.

We start with the bus that takes me from the end of my street to the tube station. 2 cameras on it. Alighting from the bus at the station, there are 2 cameras on the approach to the station, 2 in the ticket hall, one in the tunnel to the stairs and one at the top of the stairs, and then at least one where I usually stand on the platform.

So that's now 9 cameras and we haven't boarded a train yet.

OK, 2 cameras on each train car, one at each end. We have a train change along the way, so I have to make my way from one platform to another which happens to be a bit of a hike. So, another platform camera, one at the first set of stairs, one in the tunnel to the first escalator, 2 at the bottom of the escalator hall, one at the top of the escalator looking down, one more in the top of the escalator hall, one in the connector tunnel, 2 more at the next escalator hall, then on the down escalator there's one looking up and one looking down, then 2 more at the bottom, then 2 on the platform.

That's 18 cameras since I boarded a train, got off it and walked through a Tube station. More or less in constant view. So 27 cameras and I haven't even got to my destination yet.

Next train, 2 cameras in the car, one at each end. Should I poke my head out the door at the next stop, I'd get spotted by 2 more cameras, but I'll just keep my head in, since we have to make it through the next station. Which, as I exit the train, there are 2 cameras on the platform, 2 in the escalator hall, 2 on the escalator, 3 in the ticket hall, 2 at each bend in the stairs, and one at the station entrance. On the street, there is one looking along the pavements as I walk down the street, turning the corner there are 2 private security cameras which I would be seen on, one in the street where my office building is, one on the office building pointed at the entrance, one in the lobby, one in the lift, and one in my office lobby.

So adding those 22 cameras to the 27 already counted, that makes 49 separate CCTV cameras in the 7.2 mile, 40 minute commute. And that's just the ones I saw. Presumably there are more I did not see.

The silliest thing about all of this is that crime statistics in London aren't actually that great. But they probably get a kick out of watching me blow my nose.

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