SCO hangs on
Date: Monday, June 23 @ 16:04:00 PDT
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Writing about SCO is depressing. It is surreal for starters. One observes their court arguments in whatever court they are defending themselves in, and one tries, again, to make some sense of their claims to own Linux, when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that they are anything but completely delusional, and in denial to boot.

And so close to Chapter 7, although they hope for funding for their hopeless litigation. Some people have some pretty vivid dreams, and Darl McBride's dream of Beelyuns and Beelyuns of dollars from IBM and Red Hat, along with millions of linux users, just isn't even credible anymore. Darl had his day in court, finally, for what it was worth.

So many people are frustrated by the length of time this is taking. Remember, SCO filed their initial lawsuit against IBM back in 2003. One wonders about their staying power.

The courts will go at their pace, in order to minimize the possibility of appeal (which SCO claims they will anyway, but hey, chutzpah is in their business plan).

So, you remember these guys, right? They said Linux is a derivative of Unix, and they own Unix, so pay up. A few did, and then they got all aggressive and sued IBM, for damages they estimated at 5 billion dollars. It didn't even take a paralegal to figure out that IBM was probably going to contest whatever the charges kept morphing to. Eventually, as we recall, they ran out of options to sue with, and then they declared Chapter 11, which delayed the inevitable more.

Note to CIOs- if you are thinking of using Linux, just go ahead. The chances of being sued by SCO might be higher than zero, but the chances of actually losing to them are laughable.

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