The Year So Far
Date: Thursday, June 19 @ 13:04:16 PDT
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So, what else were we following? (an editorial)

So while we're waiting for me to get off my duff and rebuild this site, I thought I would summarize the year so far, based on stories we were following last year.

SCO vs. Novell
SCO is coming up on a full year of Chapter 11, has nearly spent all their money, has more or less lost everything in its war against Linux, yet, like a Weeble, it's still up. And it intends to appeal ANY decision against it. They may be lying scum, but they are lying scum with Brass Cojones. In the meantime, Linux adoption is gaining momentum with the usual suspects at work. Ubuntu has gained much momentum as (allegedly) the slickest install. Of course, kernel updates that trash my X config aren't appreciated, but oh well, there is a price to pay to be on the cutting edge.

Alexander Ponosov, the ex-school administrator who got done by the Russian legal system for buying computers with illegal copies of Windows on it for his school system, is now working on selling Linux systems into the Russian school systems. And this was unexpected, how?

Digital Rights Management is still out there, but is becoming more irrelevant, as are the dinosaurs in Big Media who continue to attempt to extort money from people for crap music and movies. We're all for paying money to artists, but there are plenty of new generation distributors who will be happy to actually pay the musicians. CD Baby, baby.

The Internet is on its way to being broken up into fiefdoms owned by Big Telcos, who will stratify services according to Those Who Can Pay versus Those Who Cannot. If you have Comcast, you should know what we're talking about. It's a disturbing trend and likely to get worse before it gets better. All that bandwidth and they still need to control it. Eventually it will be revealed who is pulling the strings.

Open Office Dot Org is going strong, and ODF is now a standard, along with Microsoft's ramrodded "Open" Office XML "standard" which even Microsoft cannot support. For the first time, Microsoft has something they really need to fix, and they can't. Sales of Office 2007 have been lackluster. Of course, sales of Vista have too.

CPUs aren't getting faster, they are getting wider and thicker. Moore's Law is alive and well, and governing your CPU's clock speed. So, when in doubt, add more CPUs, or cores to the chip. All well and good if your operating system can take advantage of those cores.

And the world's biggest computer has achieved the first petaflop speed. Using chips which are more GPU than CPU. And using off the shelf parts. And running Linux. I don't suppose that says anything to anybody...

Have a good summer. This site will probably go under construction sometime towards the end of the summer, as we attempt to port to something easier to use.

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