The newest vector for spam
Date: Sunday, January 06 @ 15:27:32 PST
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News from Down Under

Greetings all. I guess being an email administrator in Australia can have its advantages. While the rest of the world is all snug sleeping in warm cozy beds we get to see the latest and greatest advances in the world of spam. And on that note I give you the latest method: MP3 spam.

Yes, you heard me correctly: MP3 spam. After using vectors like images, PDFs and Excel files they are now using MP3s to spread the latest "pump and dump" scam. You know the sort of thing: "This is an investor alert. Company XYZ is doing some new stuff, and it is already popular in the news. Its symbol is XYZZ on the Stock Market". Now imagine that being read to you by a voice distorted to sound like a computer from a cheesy 80s movie... You know the voice I mean...

Thankfully our email filter correctly identified it as spam and stomped it accordingly. It matched some of the header info to commonly used strings, the message was too small to be a legitimate email and the domain used in the "from" address was gibberish (that is actually the term used by the filter, I kid you not).
So hopefully this latest vector will be stomped out before it begins.

But then one has to ask...

What will be next?

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