iPod... without iTunes
Date: Monday, September 17 @ 07:31:34 PDT
Topic: News

You can now use your iPod with Linux.

One criticism of Apple's iPod series of audio players is the requirement to use iTunes to populate the wretched things, limiting their use to Windows and Apple OS X. Understandably, this irked users of Linux, who felt that Apple's proprietary lock-down of the hardware was jolly unfair and mean.

Open Source advocates being generally cunning devils, they quickly found the technique used to lock an iPod to iTunes (a cryptographic hash of a database file) and worked out how to recreate the hash.

Says "Will", on the ipodminusitunes journal, "Let's all hope that (if they haven't already from the iPhone unlocking) Apple learn that fighting against us is pointless. It's a waste of their time if the open source crowd is going to get past it in just a weekend." Quite.

Not all Linux users are greasy chancers, out to get everything for nothing. One or two of them are actually willing to pay for things, so restricting the use of a device solely to Windows and OS X just cuts into Apple's sales. Apple ought to view the bearded penguin-fanciers as a potential revenue stream; get 'em hooked on the cheap fix (the iPod) and then watch them stampede for the sexier (more expensive) kit in time.

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