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S@H: Seti Boinc.. Reviewin The year, Stealin yer wu's
Posted on Wednesday, January 03 @ 21:26:31 PST by FatherTyme

Team News
Old File: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 01:21:13 -0800
New File: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 21:04:23 -0800
Time between files: 365 days 19 hours 43 minutes 10 Seconds

Mike Sobran is gone from 13th with 289,805 Credits
Zorous is gone from 17th with 254,649 Credits
FaTCaT is gone from 21st with 196,693 Credits
PCRacer is gone from 46th with 58,422 Credits
JimmyJet is gone from 56th with 46,897 Credits
ArticWarlord is gone from 63rd with 38,276 Credits
Pat.Brooks is gone from 76th with 25,147 Credits
Fiomel is gone from 80th with 20,548 Credits
Matthew Tine (Stainmaster) is gone from 95th with 10,177 Credits
TOMaxwell is gone from 122nd with 3,974 Credits
Minto Took is gone from 166th with 498 Credits

Dave Rave has joined us in 2nd with 2,302,724 Credits
Pete Biggam has joined us in 68th with 49,384 Credits
LittleBear has joined us in 72nd with 41,681 Credits
Scott87z has joined us in 81st with 35,216 Credits
MsQuint has joined us in 83rd with 30,749 Credits
Pisano has joined us in 86th with 26,825 Credits
SeaMax USA has joined us in 90th with 25,339 Credits
Eric has joined us in 101st with 18,733 Credits
Zemus has joined us in 105th with 14,267 Credits
nexus has joined us in 106th with 14,151 Credits
benderr2001 has joined us in 108th with 13,491 Credits
Bobblehead Pete has joined us in 114th with 11,963 Credits
layogurt has joined us in 116th with 10,621 Credits
IUnkn0wn has joined us in 132nd with 5,157 Credits
Dan has joined us in 135th with 4,828 Credits
venemon has joined us in 140th with 4,132 Credits
Weezy has joined us in 163rd with 2,013 Credits
Marsman has joined us in 164th with 1,992 Credits
BigDog2Bagain has joined us in 166th with 1,722 Credits
AAFPT has joined us in 167th with 1,361 Credits
BELGARION8542 has joined us in 168th with 1,292 Credits
Michael Godman has joined us in 173rd with 989 Credits
Greg Beyerlein has joined us in 178th with 846 Credits
Mathi has joined us in 181st with 800 Credits
DaeMoohn has joined us in 182nd with 770 Credits
Prekawika has joined us in 183rd with 733 Credits
dubbse has joined us in 184th with 619 Credits
Toaster has joined us in 193rd with 199 Credits
jasherk has joined us in 198th with 88 Credits
Dragonwhyr has joined us in 199th with 67 Credits
Vampire_Lestat has joined us in 203rd with 34 Credits

Shift-Left is now known as LibraryZen

Total Members (non-zero): 207
Total Members Active Today: 108

Gold Stars

Top Ten Crunchers
Name Today's Credits
1 olive brought in 1,153,389 Credits Today
2 LWD sLaPpY brought in 809,836 Credits Today
3 jester brought in 514,572 Credits Today
4 squito brought in 379,644 Credits Today
5 Humfrog64 brought in 350,189 Credits Today
6 Derek Kennedy brought in 301,335 Credits Today
7 cave brought in 262,640 Credits Today
8 bj brought in 233,959 Credits Today
9 DemonSpawn brought in 222,638 Credits Today
10 cjthomas1970 brought in 215,092 Credits Today

Top Mover
  • Rudolf added 126,968 Credits to bring their total to: 127,044 Credits, and moving them up 138 spaces to 41st!

The Big Dogs ( 1st to 50th )
High: 3,116,018 Credits Low: 91,291 Credits
Members Active Today: 45 Today's Total: 7,354,654 Credits
Milestones New To Group
  • Dave Rave joined the group in 2nd place today with 2,302,724 credits.
  • squito joined the group in 16th place today with 416,584 credits.
  • Humfrog64 joined the group in 19th place today with 393,715 credits.
  • ColoScott joined the group in 40th place today with 127,452 credits.
  • Rudolf joined the group in 41st place today with 127,044 credits.
  • BMaytum joined the group in 43rd place today with 125,440 credits.
  • Trofast joined the group in 44th place today with 120,354 credits.
  • Bob joined the group in 46th place today with 114,181 credits.
  • gablo720 joined the group in 47th place today with 106,109 credits.
  • theshewolf joined the group in 49th place today with 92,019 credits.

The Chow Hounds ( 50th to 100th )
High: 89,315 Credits Low: 18,890 Credits
Members Active Today: 35 Today's Total: 715,974 Credits
Milestones New To Group
  • Therapist joined the group in 51st place today with 89,315 credits.
  • djzag joined the group in 53rd place today with 72,313 credits.
  • Eric Painter joined the group in 55th place today with 67,572 credits.
  • SpellTrap joined the group in 56th place today with 66,186 credits.
  • tooeasy joined the group in 57th place today with 65,677 credits.
  • Gordon E. Parmelee III joined the group in 58th place today with 63,666 credits.
  • LPT_on_Fire joined the group in 59th place today with 61,583 credits.
  • tecgod13 joined the group in 61st place today with 60,371 credits.
  • puddly joined the group in 67th place today with 49,695 credits.
  • Pete Biggam joined the group in 68th place today with 49,384 credits.
  • LittleBear joined the group in 72nd place today with 41,681 credits.
  • Carl Anthony joined the group in 76th place today with 37,690 credits.
  • Shannon Marie Myers joined the group in 78th place today with 36,556 credits.
  • QUAD XEON joined the group in 79th place today with 36,038 credits.
  • Scott87z joined the group in 81st place today with 35,216 credits.
  • MsQuint joined the group in 83rd place today with 30,749 credits.
  • kerbel17ken joined the group in 84th place today with 28,613 credits.
  • Pisano joined the group in 86th place today with 26,825 credits.
  • SeaMax USA joined the group in 90th place today with 25,339 credits.
  • Jon joined the group in 92nd place today with 24,949 credits.
  • Rahhstah joined the group in 95th place today with 22,167 credits.

The Cat Toys ( 100th to 150th )
High: 18,733 Credits Low: 2,666 Credits
Members Active Today: 16 Today's Total: 65,260 Credits
Milestones New To Group
  • Eric joined the group in 101st place today with 18,733 credits.
  • Desarata joined the group in 102nd place today with 17,061 credits.
  • Strangel joined the group in 104th place today with 16,463 credits.
  • Zemus joined the group in 105th place today with 14,267 credits.
  • nexus joined the group in 106th place today with 14,151 credits.
  • Cornelius joined the group in 107th place today with 13,782 credits.
  • benderr2001 joined the group in 108th place today with 13,491 credits.
  • IrisDragon joined the group in 109th place today with 13,069 credits.
  • Johnno56 joined the group in 110th place today with 12,534 credits.
  • xrecar joined the group in 111th place today with 12,407 credits.
  • UngerDoc joined the group in 112th place today with 12,357 credits.
  • Bobblehead Pete joined the group in 114th place today with 11,963 credits.
  • Bill Griesmyer joined the group in 115th place today with 11,811 credits.
  • layogurt joined the group in 116th place today with 10,621 credits.
  • jaq518 joined the group in 117th place today with 8,936 credits.
  • IUnkn0wn joined the group in 132nd place today with 5,157 credits.
  • Dan joined the group in 135th place today with 4,828 credits.
  • venemon joined the group in 140th place today with 4,132 credits.
  • kevinmooney joined the group in 150th place today with 2,666 credits.

The Tail Chasers ( 150th and Beyond )
High: 2,657 Credits Low: 0 Credits
Members Active Today: 12 Today's Total: 9,369 Credits
New To Group
  • Twiztid joined the group in 151st place today with 2,657 credits.
  • BamZipPow joined the group in 152nd place today with 2,482 credits.
  • hartley joined the group in 155th place today with 2,321 credits.
  • Zarasis joined the group in 156th place today with 2,278 credits.
  • Brian Stepanek joined the group in 158th place today with 2,153 credits.
  • Marcussen joined the group in 159th place today with 2,097 credits.
  • buckt joined the group in 160th place today with 2,061 credits.
  • Daniel Burstiner joined the group in 161st place today with 2,036 credits.
  • Weezy joined the group in 163rd place today with 2,013 credits.
  • Marsman joined the group in 164th place today with 1,992 credits.
  • BigDog2Bagain joined the group in 166th place today with 1,722 credits.
  • AAFPT joined the group in 167th place today with 1,361 credits.
  • BELGARION8542 joined the group in 168th place today with 1,292 credits.
  • Wally Grier joined the group in 169th place today with 1,110 credits.
  • gunja joined the group in 170th place today with 1,100 credits.
  • Blaine Winans joined the group in 171st place today with 1,053 credits.
  • mellowgreengiant joined the group in 172nd place today with 1,007 credits.
  • Michael Godman joined the group in 173rd place today with 989 credits.
  • Greg Beyerlein joined the group in 178th place today with 846 credits.
  • Mathi joined the group in 181st place today with 800 credits.
  • DaeMoohn joined the group in 182nd place today with 770 credits.
  • Prekawika joined the group in 183rd place today with 733 credits.
  • dubbse joined the group in 184th place today with 619 credits.
  • Toaster joined the group in 193rd place today with 199 credits.
  • jasherk joined the group in 198th place today with 88 credits.
  • Dragonwhyr joined the group in 199th place today



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Re: Seti Boinc.. Reviewin The year, Stealin yer wu's (Score: 1)
by skildude on Thursday, January 04 @ 05:29:59 PST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
I was wondering if you'd give us a year ending total recall special

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