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S@H: The Monthly Bone - Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
Posted on Wednesday, September 27 @ 00:53:59 PDT by FatherTyme

The News

Team News
Old File: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 23:39:09 -0700
New File: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 00:23:15 -0700
Time between files: 26 days 0 hours 44 minutes 6 Seconds
Old total: 23219665.802899
New total: 23858456.988001
Difference between files: 638791.185102 Credits

Zoramac is gone from 11th with 425,185 Credits

nexus has joined us in 102nd with 13,715 Credits
Weezy has joined us in 160th with 1,774 Credits
Zemus has joined us in 165th with 1,060 Credits

Total Members (non-zero): 201
Total Members Active Today: 62
NEWS from Seti:
September 12, 2006
If you're interested in donating time - rather than computing power - to help Astronomical research, check out Clickworkers (from NASA Ames Research Center) and Stardust@home (from UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab).

September 11, 2006
Outage update: Though we moved a bulk of the data onto the new science database server over the weekend, there is still plenty to do before we can start using this new server. In the meantime, we may be able to start creating new work to send out later today.

September 8, 2006
The Planetary Society article on the new multibeam receiver and data recorder is now available as an MP3 file, thanks to the efforts of BOINC UK.

September 8, 2006
We ran out of work to send out due to our science database going down. More details in Technical News.

September 4, 2006
Check out the screensaver background image submitted by a user (and send us your own).

Top 200 Slice
Team Name Total Todays Mems (+/-) Cred/mem diff
23 Hewlett-Packard 26,460,568 1,313,591 1,513 -2 868 0
24 Picard 26,448,398 26,448,398 409 409 64,666 12,170
25 Amateur Radio Operators 25,365,380 1,461,460 727 8 2,010 1,083,018
26 LittleWhiteDog 23,858,457 638,791 776 2 823 1,506,923
27 Canada 23,601,194 1,344,046 2,302 17 584 257,263
28 SETI@Taiwan xWζ 23,581,388 23,581,388 1,358 1,358 17,365 19,806
29 BOINC@Denmark 23,427,612 822,121 317 11 2,593 153,776

Misc Ramblings
I know its been a while, but.. lets see where things stand.

First off.. we say farewell to Zoramac who left us during this last month. We hope he finds a new home that will cherish him as much as we did.

We would also like to welcome some new teammates...
nexus, Weezy, and Zemus all of whom felt we might be worthy of their efforts. Welcome aboard my friends, and may we justify your faith in us!!!

We had 9 gold stars during our haitus and lets all give them the honor they deserve!
First off, lets congratulate those who have turned in their first 10,000 credits... kerbel17ken, and Rudolf
Next up is our newest 25,000 members, Shannon Marie Myers, and puddly
Our newest 50,000 Credit member, tooeasy
Our newest 250,000 Credit members, bobpeasley, cjthomas1970, and Humfrog64
And finally, the second member of the team to pass 2,000,000 Credits, Dave Rave.
W O W ! ! ! ! ! You guys are incredible!!!!!

Olive was our top cruncher this month with 84,788 credits, with Dave Rave (* DOUBLE *) in a close second with 83,213 Credits. 3rd place went to squito with 38,807 Credits. And lets not forget Humfrog64 who landed a double by taking 7th courtesy of 23,335 Credits.. BUENO!!!!!

Rudolf was our top mover this month using just 20,337 Credits to manage an astonishing 100 places on the team charts.. by far the biggest mover we've ever seen.. amazing!!!!

Believe or not, we only had 3 movers and shakers this month. Starting off with Trofast who managed to make the move up into the big dogs, and followed closely by Rudolf (* DOUBLE *) and SeaMax USA, both of whom have made a name for themselves by entering into The Chow Hounds with a great show of work. Good job to all three of you!!!!

Anyways, thats all I have for you right now.. Hopefully I'll get back onto the ball with this real soon, So keep your hopes up!!! WOOT!


What its all about:
Photo and linkage from http://www.nasa.gov done following their copyright statement

Earth from Saturn
credit: cassini imaging team, ssi, jpl, esa, nasa

Explanation: What's that pale blue dot in this image taken from Saturn? earth. the robotic cassini spacecraft looked back toward its old home world earlier this month as it orbited saturn. Using Saturn itself to block the bright sun, Cassini imaged a faint dot on the right of the above photograph. That dot is expanded on the image inset, where a slight elongation in the direction of earth's moon is visible. Vast water oceans make Earth's reflection of sunlight somewhat blue. Earth is home to over six billion humans and over 100 octillion prochlorococcus.

Click on picture for more information

Gold Stars

Top Ten Crunchers
Name Today's Credits
1 olive brought in 84,788 Credits Today
2 Dave Rave brought in 83,213 Credits Today
3 squito brought in 38,807 Credits Today
4 Derek Kennedy brought in 31,952 Credits Today
5 jester brought in 30,663 Credits Today
6 PCRacer brought in 23,769 Credits Today
7 Humfrog64 brought in 23,335 Credits Today
8 LWD sLaPpY brought in 22,282 Credits Today
9 cave brought in 21,449 Credits Today
10 DemonSpawn brought in 20,551 Credits Today

Top Mover
  • Rudolf added 20,301 Credits to bring their total to: 20,377 Credits, and moving them up 100 spaces to 92nd!

The Big Dogs ( 1st to 50th )
High: 2,756,549 Credits Low: 80,388 Credits
Members Active Today: 34 Today's Total: 555,346 Credits
RED1944 scared the neighbors by bringing in 13,522 Credits, passing Kutch to end up in 10th place. Zoramac has left us today with 425,185 Credits, vacating 11th While they are always welcome back, and we will miss them, Life goes on, and we shall continues as before... *woof*! cave almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 21,448 Credits, passing AnalogKid to end up in 18th place. squito almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 38,806 Credits, passing Thick_Jawed_Yokel, Derek Kennedy , and PCRacer to end up in 20th place. Humfrog64 almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 23,335 Credits, passing bobpeasley , and cjthomas1970 to end up in 24th place. onefast1 scared the neighbors by bringing in 9,337 Credits, passing Ricky Leon Murphy to end up in 30th place. Degner scared the neighbors by bringing in 9,085 Credits, passing SuperDwarf to end up in 37th place. BMaytum evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 5,189 Credits, passing ColoScott to end up in 39th place. Tenant almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 3,404 Credits, passing farmboy_LWD, and Therapist to end up in 45th place. Bob scared the neighbors by bringing in 5,477 Credits, passing Therapist to end up in 47th place.

Milestones New To Group
  • Trofast joined the group in 50th place today with 80,388 credits.

The Chow Hounds ( 50th to 100th )
High: 79,128 Credits Low: 14,448 Credits
Members Active Today: 20 Today's Total: 64,098 Credits
Bllucas scared the neighbors by bringing in 3,015 Credits, passing tardis40b to end up in 57th place. tooeasy scared the neighbors by bringing in 7,842 Credits, passing LibraryZen , the taz man , Binkley27 , Viper, yetihair, fathertyme , Lord_Austin , Pete Biggam, and WJ_Jones to end up in 59th place. fathertyme evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,593 Credits, passing Viper, and yetihair to end up in 63rd place. Lord_Austin scared the neighbors by bringing in 1,023 Credits, passing Viper, and yetihair to end up in 64th place. tecgod13 scared the neighbors by bringing in 4,462 Credits, passing brotherhobbes to end up in 70th place. LittleBear evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,944 Credits, passing QUAD XEON, and Scott87z to end up in 74th place. Sandra DeLoach scared the neighbors by bringing in 2,802 Credits, passing badcrow#2 to end up in 77th place. puddly almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 4,297 Credits, passing Saturn9uy , duo45 , rcowski, +Krieg+, and Shannon Marie Myers to end up in 81st place. Shannon Marie Myers almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,499 Credits, passing duo45 , rcowski, and +Krieg+ to end up in 83rd place. Rudolf evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 20,300 Credits, passing Molongal , Antix , Jon , TOMaxwell , Desarata, Strangel, Guy Dover, Cornelius, SeaMax USA , comp615 , IrisDragon , Johnno56 , xrecar, UngerDoc , Matthew Tine (Stainmaster) , jaq518, Esa Laitila, Marz, smach_03 , Anie , helmethedd , GreenGreenie, kerbel17ken, Trouter , Keith Jesse, Ein, Bill Griesmyer , evilhomer, mopar, Benware , afliction , Contaminated, Doomhammer, flipflop, IUnkn0wn, Matthew Bell, Dr Death, Beast1624, JPriced , Bob Smith , Dilbert, venemon, Issalzul (Myrna), Dan , Kim T Agee , selbaer , IBelieve , benderr2001, anubis, puck , linda , El Jeffe , Sherlock , kevinmooney, Twiztid, BamZipPow, Sparkyc46 , MarvinTM , hartley, Zarasis, Brian D. Park , Brian Stepanek, Marcussen, buckt, Daniel Burstiner , Jerry Darby, BigDog2Bagain, Tristan LeBherz , Wally Grier, gunja, Blaine Winans , pharcyde, mellowgreengiant , Michael Godman , Fivelo, AAFPT, David Durocher, Waddy, Natalie, Get Bent, chris_g_g, Mathi, DaeMoohn, Prekawika , Urza, dubbse, InsertNameHere, brother19, Zog , xFaustx, Dropforge, Rousanna, Toaster , Duane A. Couchot-Vore , Anthony A Henderson , TNDiverDown, NYGoodGuy1 , fhosagej, and jasherk to end up in 92nd place.



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Re: The Monthly Bone - Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 (Score: 1)
by Squito on Wednesday, September 27 @ 03:30:21 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Thank you Fadda - gotta love the smell of SETI in the morning - BOINC!!!

Re: The Monthly Bone - Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 (Score: 1)
by skildude on Wednesday, September 27 @ 05:36:49 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
welcome to marvinTM Weezy and Zemus and lets get to crunching

Re: The Monthly Bone - Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 (Score: 1)
by ThunderDawg on Wednesday, September 27 @ 11:27:20 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal) http://www.tomaxwell.com/


Re: The Monthly Bone - Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 (Score: 1)
by cave on Thursday, September 28 @ 12:22:19 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
yay seti news :')

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