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S@H: The Daily Bone - Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
Posted on Monday, August 21 @ 23:20:01 PDT by FatherTyme

Team News
Old File: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 23:47:11 -0700
New File: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 22:52:27 -0700
Time between files: 9 days 23 hours 5 minutes 16 Seconds
Old total: 22681858.289193
New total: 22953427.921245
Difference between files: 271569.632052 Credits

Total Members (non-zero): 199
Total Members Active Today: 63

Top 200 Slice
Team Name Total Todays Mems (+/-) Cred/mem diff
23 Team MacNN 24,987,663 700,920 1,204 1 582 0
24 Hewlett-Packard 24,551,420 606,175 1,516 2 400 436,242
25 Amateur Radio Operators 23,324,985 565,037 717 4 788 1,226,436
26 LittleWhiteDog 22,953,428 271,570 774 0 351 371,557
27 BOINC@Denmark 22,280,056 318,206 305 4 1,043 673,372
28 Portugal@Home 22,095,021 256,380 1,021 4 251 185,035
29 Canada 21,732,542 492,297 2,282 9 216 362,479

Misc Ramblings
OK... you guys caught me... I totally blew off last week. I was working mornings, and kept falling asleep too early to do the news.. and then.. I just spaced it.. see.. I'm an ass.. and I know it *claps his hands*

We had a gold star sometime this last week... and thats QUAD XEON who has surpassed the 25,000 Credit Barrier.. CRASHED through it.. demolished it.. shatered.. boom.. its in shambles... erased, slashed.. sent home in shame... You know what I mean...

olive was our top cruncher with 33,875 Credits, Dave Rave nailed second with 30,185 Credits, and jester snagged third with 14,876 Credits. QUAD XEON snagged a double with a 5th place finish using a mere 12,948 Credits.. Impressive.. all of you...

kerbell7ken was our top mover last week having used a mere 2,053 Credits to move 14 places up the team charts, reducing his competition to nothing, and proclaiming his seti skills from ever higher positions.. nicely done...

And Thats it.. I'm done.. c'ya laters...


What its all about:
Photo and linkage from http://www.nasa.gov done following their copyright statement

A Smoke Angel from Airplane Flares
Credit: russell e. cooley iv, usaf

Explanation: What type of cloud is that? It is not a naturally occurring one. Looking perhaps a bit like a gigantic owl monster, the cloud pictured above resulted from a series of flares released by an air force jet over the Atlantic Ocean in May. The jet that released the flares, a C-17 Globemaster III, is seen on the right. the flares release smoke and the resulting pattern is sometimes known as a smoke angel. The circular eyes of the above smoke angel are caused by air spiraling off the plane's wings and are known as wingtip vortices.

Click on picture for more information

Gold Stars

Top Ten Crunchers
Name Today's Credits
1 olive brought in 33,875 Credits Today
2 Dave Rave brought in 30,185 Credits Today
3 jester brought in 14,876 Credits Today
4 squito brought in 13,223 Credits Today
5 QUAD XEON brought in 12,948 Credits Today
6 Derek Kennedy brought in 12,263 Credits Today
7 Humfrog64 brought in 11,418 Credits Today
8 LWD sLaPpY brought in 10,979 Credits Today
9 DemonSpawn brought in 10,443 Credits Today
10 cave brought in 8,750 Credits Today

Top Mover
  • kerbel17ken added 2,053 Credits to bring their total to: 6,101 Credits, and moving them up 14 spaces to 121st!

The Big Dogs ( 1st to 50th )
High: 2,637,984 Credits Low: 76,353 Credits
Members Active Today: 32 Today's Total: 232,195 Credits
bj evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 5,968 Credits, passing Scott Spiess to end up in 16th place. Derek Kennedy scared the neighbors by bringing in 12,262 Credits, passing bobpeasley , and PCRacer to end up in 22nd place. squito evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 13,222 Credits, passing deagler to end up in 25th place. Humfrog64 scared the neighbors by bringing in 11,418 Credits, passing meccameanie to end up in 28th place. Degner evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 3,794 Credits, passing ColoScott to end up in 39th place.


The Chow Hounds ( 50th to 100th )
High: 71,306 Credits Low: 13,782 Credits
Members Active Today: 20 Today's Total: 34,124 Credits
Trofast scared the neighbors by bringing in 2,334 Credits, passing djzag to end up in 51st place. gablo720 almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 2,265 Credits, passing Eric Painter to end up in 53rd place. Bllucas almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,614 Credits, passing LibraryZen to end up in 59th place. Lord_Austin almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,438 Credits, passing WJ_Jones to end up in 67th place. tooeasy scared the neighbors by bringing in 3,078 Credits, passing brotherhobbes to end up in 70th place. tecgod13 made most of the other crunchers jealous with 817 Credits, passing Eric to end up in 72nd place. Carl Anthony evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,965 Credits, passing Eric, and Scott87z to end up in 73rd place. QUAD XEON almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 12,947 Credits, passing LittleBear , VirtualElvis , Nuke Nike, badcrow#2, Sandra DeLoach , Saturn9uy , duo45 , rcowski, +Krieg+, Shannon Marie Myers , Rahhstah , fatbotgw, and ccie3941 to end up in 76th place. badcrow#2 really raised the bar by bringing in 513 Credits, passing VirtualElvis , and Nuke Nike to end up in 78th place. puddly evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,710 Credits, passing Rahhstah , fatbotgw, and ccie3941 to end up in 87th place.


The Cat Toys ( 100th to 150th )
High: 13,134 Credits Low: 2,322 Credits
Members Active Today: 10 Today's Total: 4,935 Credits
SeaMax USA almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,167 Credits, passing IrisDragon , Johnno56 , UngerDoc , and xrecar to end up in 102nd place. Esa Laitila emptied the queue of all 174 Credits, passing helmethedd to end up in 112th place. Bill Griesmyer brought home the bacon today, delivering 254 Credits, passing mopar to end up in 119th place. kerbel17ken almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 2,052 Credits, passing Benware , Contaminated, Doomhammer, flipflop, IUnkn0wn, Matthew Bell, afliction , Dr Death, JPriced , Bob Smith , Dilbert, Beast1624, venemon, and Issalzul (Myrna) to end up in 121st place. afliction really raised the bar by bringing in 660 Credits, passing Doomhammer, flipflop, IUnkn0wn, and Matthew Bell to end up in 124th place. Beast1624 was the proud parent of 212 Credits today, passing Bob Smith , and Dilbert to end up in 131st place.


The Tail Chasers ( 150th and Beyond )
High: 2,321 Credits Low: 0 Credits
Members Active Today: 1 Today's Total: 13 Credits
Sorry, No Passing Zone



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Re: The Daily Bone - Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 (Score: 1)
by Squito on Tuesday, August 22 @ 14:11:38 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Hotdiggitydog! Here's to the return of "The Daily Bone" - you know we still love ya FT - BOINC!

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