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S@H: The Daily Bone - Thursday, August 10th, 2006
Posted on Thursday, August 10 @ 01:35:32 PDT by FatherTyme

Team News
Old File: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 22:44:00 -0700
New File: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 01:13:36 -0700
Time between files: 1 days 2 hours 29 minutes 36 Seconds
Old total: 22600787.264974
New total: 22627155.508153
Difference between files: 26368.243179 Credits

Mike Sobran is now known as Zoramac

Total Members (non-zero): 199
Total Members Active Today: 50

Top 200 Slice
Team Name Total Todays Mems (+/-) Cred/mem diff
23 Team MacNN 24,143,543 71,536 1,204 2 59 0
24 Hewlett-Packard 23,824,593 62,669 1,514 0 41 318,950
25 Amateur Radio Operators 22,647,052 61,254 713 0 86 1,177,541
26 LittleWhiteDog 22,627,156 26,368 774 0 34 19,896
27 BOINC@Denmark 21,909,036 23,916 301 0 79 718,120
28 Portugal@Home 21,788,228 25,318 1,017 4 25 120,808
29 Canada 21,151,562 21,151,562 2,273 2,273 9,306 636,666

Misc Ramblings
another fun day in Seti-news land!!! tho only 50 of our members showed up to take part today.. tsk tsk.. shame shame...

olive was our top cruncher today with 5,050 Credits, with jester snaging second with 1,923 credits, and Dave Rave nailing thrid with 1,726 Credits... Very nicely done to all our crunchers today.

puddly was our top mover today having dropped 312 credits to snag 2 more places on the team charts.. very efficiently done.. sweet

Anyways, thats all I have for you today.. keep up the good work guys, and I'll talk to ya laters...


What its all about:
Photo and linkage from http://www.nasa.gov done following their copyright statement

Galactic Center Star Clusters
Credit: d. wang (umass) et al., cxc, nasa

Explanation: If you had x-ray vision, the central regions of our Galaxy would not be hidden from view by cosmic dust clouds. instead, the milky way toward sagittarius might look something like this. Pleasing to look at, the gorgeous false-color representation of x-ray data from the Chandra Observatory shows high energies in blue, medium in green, and low energy x-rays in red. the mosaic spans about 130 light-years at the 26,000 light-year distance of the Galactic Center. It reveals massive, x-ray emitting star clusters in a crowded environment. in particular, the Galactic Center cluster and the enormous black hole Sagittarius A* are within the bright region near the bottom. two other star clusters, the arches, and the quintuplet lie near the top. Cluster interactions with dense molecular clouds in the region may produce some of the diffuse emission detected in the Chandra x-ray view.

Top Ten Crunchers
Name Today's Credits
1 olive brought in 5,050 Credits Today
2 jester brought in 1,923 Credits Today
3 Dave Rave brought in 1,726 Credits Today
4 Humfrog64 brought in 1,311 Credits Today
5 LWD sLaPpY brought in 1,250 Credits Today
6 QUAD XEON brought in 1,202 Credits Today
7 PCRacer brought in 1,187 Credits Today
8 squito brought in 1,038 Credits Today
9 Derek Kennedy brought in 853 Credits Today
10 Zoramac brought in 802 Credits Today

Top Mover
  • puddly added 312 Credits to bring their total to: 20,747 Credits, and moving them up 2 spaces to 89th!

The Big Dogs ( 1st to 50th )
High: 2,595,672 Credits Low: 74,915 Credits
Members Active Today: 32 Today's Total: 23,303 Credits
Sorry, No Passing Zone

  • Derek Kennedy passed 235,000 credits today
  • bj passed 330,000 credits today
  • Scarecrow passed 385,000 credits today
  • jester passed 1,015,000 credits today
  • LWD sLaPpY passed 1,465,000 credits today
  • olive passed 2,595,000 credits today

The Chow Hounds ( 50th to 100th )
High: 70,690 Credits Low: 13,782 Credits
Members Active Today: 15 Today's Total: 3,967 Credits
puddly was the proud parent of 311 Credits today, passing Spot, and Rosepool to end up in 89th place.

The Cat Toys ( 100th to 150th )
High: 13,134 Credits Low: 2,322 Credits
Members Active Today: 3 Today's Total: 562 Credits
kerbel17ken was the proud parent of 314 Credits today, passing IBelieve to end up in 138th place.

The Tail Chasers ( 150th and Beyond )
High: 2,321 Credits Low: 0 Credits
Members Active Today: 0 Today's Total: 0 Credits
Sorry, No Passing Zone



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Re: The Daily Bone - Thursday, August 10th, 2006 (Score: 1)
by Squito on Thursday, August 10 @ 13:25:04 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Here's to the olive, the jeste, Dave Rave, and puddly - and here's to not dropping another place on the charts - BOINC!!!

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