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F@H: Featured Folder - Monday, March 15, 2004 – Rahhstah
Posted on Monday, March 15 @ 04:23:46 PST by Nattiebo

Pleasant Monday to everyone... Hope you all had a great weekend and that spring is starting to grace ya'll with it's presence. Well here is a dog who needs no introduction... But I'll do it anyways... Give it up to... er... for Rahhstah!

Nattiebo: So,… Give us some details about yourself… - Age, Sex, Student/Career?
Rahhstah: 32 and 11/12ths. Male. Career? I still call it a job – Application and Server support to Agilent & HP, currently job hunting, who’s hiring MPE Hpe3000 programmers? Nothing special, I’m just saving up for that 80” TV like the next guy…
Nattiebo: When do you reckon you will get the 80-incher?
Rahhstah: At my current rate, summer 2005. I have another jet ski and a new house to buy first J
Nattiebo: Do you have any hobbies or interests other than computers?
Rahhstah: Jet skiing. Started in 1990, bought one in 1991, bought another, sold one, bought two, sold 2, currently have 2. One is disassembled as I seized both engines last summer within about 30 minutes of each other. But other than that, it was a great camping trip to Wyoming J I also like going Mountain Biking, and have started to go white water rafting whenever I can get a group of friends together for it. Walking my doggie to the lake has become a new hobby – but I guess it’ll be an old hobby since it’s been 9 months at it…
Nattiebo: So you’re quite the outdoorsman, yes?
Rahhstah: HA! I need to find the webpage were we documented getting totally lost last spring in Poudre Valley on a hiking/camping trip to a lake in 2002. Then there was that food poisoning incident on my way to Longs Peak… So, while I do enjoy hiking and camping and own all the equipment (light tent, light 0 degree bag, water filter, cooking stuff)… it’s not always safe to trust my map reading or eat the food I bring with. (Yes I have a GPS, and I don’t stay lost all that long… thankfully!)
Nattiebo: How did you get the name Rahhstah?
Rahhstah: This is less interesting than it should be. Nothing to do with Reggae or marijuana. I was reading a book, it had Ra the sun god. I misspelled it as Rah on IRC…then, everyone and their brother was using Rah, so I became Rahh. That didn’t work out as other “rah’s” moved to become Rahh as well. Then I just came up with Rahhstah or Rahstah – see, I’m not that good of a speller. My sister is convinced it’s because I’m secretly a drug dealer, but really, I’d have a much nicer ride and some gold rings …
Nattiebo: You should throw her off and show up with a gold tooth sometime… You never tried out “Rahhhhhh?”
Rahhstah: Funny story about toofs… my front one was knocked out fist as a baby tooth, then I chipped it as an adult tooth, then I knocked it out with a nine iron Christmas Day, 1989. In 2001 I had it “redone” to be more modern and matching to the rest of my teeth finally… I guess I could go back and get it made of gold :P Maybe I’ll use Rahhhhh on irc now.
Nattiebo: When did you become a Folding freak?
Rahhstah: Sometime in 2003. Seti just didn’t seem to be worthwhile. I still have my banner from LWD’s banner contest J
Nattiebo: Who won the contest?
Rahhstah: Uh, I don’t remember who won. A quick search shows that Banner #26 – tom! And I tied for 3rd place: see the final resultes in the forums: (*side note... link currently not found but maybe will be eventually...*) http://www.littleblackdog.com/viewtopic.php?t=13791&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
Nattiebo: Where did you learn to Fold (or first hear about it)?
Rahhstah: I heard about it on LWD/LBD forums. It sparked my interest – cure some disease instead of look for some aliens. If aliens wants to be found he’ll come say hello and enslave us all, like on V.
Nattiebo: On how many machines are you currently Folding?
Rahhstah: Stanford sometimes reports 10 CPU’s for me, so, I’ll go with 10. I do not know all the machines I put it on. I used to have 10-15 Celeron 500 systems, but Agilent took those somewhere else. No I have my home machines, P4 2.8 HT, Athlon 2000XP, P3 700, and Athlon 1900XP..then there’s the various work machines I’ve got J I have to keep ahead of everyone I recruited into folding (Magic_Man & IronClaw)
Nattiebo: I take it you utilize the machines at work?
Rahhstah: Shhh. People at work read this stuff. I might even use machines people don’t know I use at work… if you leave your PC on, that’s an invitation to me.
Nattiebo: Are you an overclocking "Freak" on your machines?
Rahhstah: Nope. I did it for awhile, didn’t seem to make any difference in Gaming, so, back to normal speeds. My systems never turn off unless the power is out though.
Nattiebo: Do you use any of the Folding add-ons to keep track of stats?
Rahhstah: I use Lycander’s FAHWatch. I tried out that Electron Microscope… but I like Lycanders’s FAHWatch on the machines I keep track of. (http://www.ly-tech.com/fahwatch.htm) I hope Ly’s got time to make changes to it again someday.
Nattiebo: What do you personally hope to accomplish by Folding?
Rahhstah: Maybe help some scientist discover the cure to something because he was able to get the extra computing power distributed computing offers.
Nattiebo: Have you participated in or would you ever consider any other computing distributions?
Rahhstah: I did SETI for a long time. But, Folding seemed more worthwhile to me.
Nattiebo: What is the most exciting aspect about the LWD folding team?
Rahhstah: T
Nattiebo: Would you like to elaborate on that last answer?
Rahhstah: What became of that last answer? The most exciting thing was getting those bottle caps when I ordered my LWD Tshirt. There’s lots of useful information and all those cool freaky web-based games that people find.
Nattiebo: What does your significant other or good friends think about your Folding habits?
Rahhstah: One would if she could, others don’t know what it is or don’t think it’s worth their time. I tell them about it, let them decide. If they want help on their computers – I charge them by installing F@H as a service on their machines. Maybe the SO will run Folding on her Mac’s someday.
Nattiebo: Why wait? Just set her up now!?!?! Do you think she will read this interview?
Rahhstah: I think she will read this interview. Her PC’s are used in a stricter environment than I am in. I’m fairly certain she’d fold if she could.
Nattiebo: Have you had any success in recruiting people to LWD?
Rahhstah: Yes. I got Ironclaw, Magic_Man & SolarGem to sign up and post once in awhile (they will post more later..). They also used to do Seti, and now do Folding for LWD.
Nattiebo: Wow, what recruiting tactics do you use?
Rahhstah: Large wooden stick. Some of the people I signed them up and asked for their nicknames – they didn’t know they signed up (The_Knife, Too_Hot_scott, and someone else). The others figured it out and run it on more places. IronClaw keeps obscounding more systems and keeps up – I wasn’t able to catch up and pass him until I put two new P4 2.8GHz HT servers into my folding queue.
Nattiebo: How did you find LWD in the first place?
Rahhstah: During my internship at Woodward Governor/GE back in 2000. There was a link to an article off of TomsHardware I believe. I was in the market for a new PC that year, so I was reading reviews…got lured into PleaseDelete, and it has been all down hill since. At least it broke my efnet IRC addiction…
Nattiebo: If you could improve or change anything about the Folding@Home Project, what would it be?
Rahhstah: Mmm. They’d send us a doughnut once in awhile?
Nattiebo: Favorite flavor or doughnut?
Rahhstah: Chocolate icing covered Chocolate cake donuts. Or anything with purple stuff in it. Purple not just a color, it’s also a fruit!
Nattiebo: What do you think the best thing is about LWD?
Rahhstah: Fido’s sexy avatars. Wait, no, it’s just fun. There is lots of good information, people answer questions, good jokes, links to weird things I’d never find elsewhere, and Please Delete….
Nattiebo: Free rain part. … (or reign or whatever… For the record, Rahhstah is the first interviewee who has taken it upon himself to change my questions… )
Rahhstah: I like free rain, so long as it’s not acidic. Hopefully, I’ll have another cruncher online soon, and, sell my two old jetskis and buy 1 new one, and a new house with like room for my truck And jet skis.



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The house (Score: 1)
by Webster on Monday, March 15 @ 05:22:17 PST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
Wlell, good luck on the acquisition of a new house with room for your truck and your new jetski that you will acquire after selling your two current ones! And which questions did you change other than the "free rain" bit? I'm curious now!

Re: Featured Folder - Monday, March 15, 2004 – Rahhstah (Score: 1)
by SuperDwarf on Monday, March 15 @ 08:22:55 PST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Hey Rahhstah.....what brand of jetski and could you write a review? Still looking at getting a jetski oursefs....after all the traveling.

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