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F@H: Featured Folder - Monday, March 1, 2004 – SuperDwarf
Posted on Monday, March 01 @ 15:27:35 PST by Nattiebo

Ok, it's Monday evening and I'm finally able to post this... Was a long day and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get this posted prior to now, but here it is, and I can tell you that it is definitely worth the wait (not that I personally had to wait because I had already read this :-P) Anyways, enjoy reading about our favorite Dwarf in the LWD community, SuperDwarf!!!

Nattiebo: So,… Give us some details about yourself… - Age, Sex, Student/Career?
SuperDwarf: Age well I’m over 50 and under 200, is that close enough? I’m a Male Dwarf you can tell because the hair under my arms is NOT braided. I work for Oregon’s largest Community College and I’m A computer Specialist (Tech).
Nattiebo: So is the underarm hair of FEMALE Dwarves braided then ? J
SuperDwarf:That you’ll have to check out yourself, I’m not going there! My wife is Super but NOT a Dwarf.
Nattiebo: Is Dwarfism the same as Little People? (sorry I am so ignorant in the area)
SuperDwarf:No little people are little, Dwarfs think BIG! There is such a thing as Dwarfism in Humans but I don’t know anything about that…… ;)
Nattiebo: Do you have any hobbies or interests other than computers?
SuperDwarf: Still and Motion Picture Photography, Bicycling hiking……Globetrotting.
Nattiebo: Favorite place you’ve been so far?
SuperDwarf:Probably Japan but that may change this summer J Japan was a culture shock, in a good way, and a lot of fun.
Nattiebo: What was it about Japan that you really liked?
SuperDwarf:The people and the culture. I went to Portland’s sister City Sapporo Japan and no one spoke English L I had an address to look up but it was in English. The taxi driver drove all over town to find a “young lady (12)” that was studying English and she translated for me and showed me around the town, delightful!
Nattiebo: How did you get the name SuperDwarf?
SuperDwarf: It was given to me by the flight crew I worked with as a Combat Photographer in Vietnam back in 1970.
Nattiebo: Wow, how did you get in to combat photography?
SuperDwarf: By trick……I went to Motion picture school to learn how to make movies and they don’t tell you until you graduate that that automatically makes you a combat photographer L Luckily I was on a Carrier 50 miles from the fighting, most of the time.
Nattiebo: What is your most interesting or favorite photo that you have ever taken?
SuperDwarf:Photo of my aircraft carrier up on blocks in dry dock, under keel is 6’ shipmate. I used a speed Graphic 2 ¼ X 2 ¼ Camera…..lots of perspective. My favorite was taken inside of a leaky boiler firebox, I had a USN commander and a Master Chief holding props J unfortunately I no longer have copies due to the flood in 1996 were I lost about 80% of all my old photo’s and slides. All my new stuff is digital and on CD’s.
Nattiebo: When did you become a Folding freak?
SuperDwarf: July 20th 2003 or there bouts.
Nattiebo: Where did you learn to Fold (or first hear about it)?
SuperDwarf: LWD Forums
Nattiebo: Are you still crunching for SETI?
SuperDwarf: Yes but my production is down L due to work policies L
Nattiebo: Did you get busted or is it just a preventative measure you are taking?
SuperDwarf:Yes and no I wasn’t busted but noticed and asked not to do that during the term…hmmmm
Nattiebo: Ah, rats about that… will your production pick back up when school is no longer in session?
SuperDwarf: Oh….I don’t know…
Nattiebo: On how many machines are you currently Folding?
SuperDwarf: about 35, mostly very slow imac’s
Nattiebo: So you are an imac-er? Do you ever venture over to the other side?
SuperDwarf: Well I responsible for “about” 145 Mac’s 50/50 G3 Imac’s and G4 towers 2 Mac OS X servers and 1 Novell Server a Dell P4 dually and about 50 dell dual P4 GX270’s running XP this week I don’t have a linux server to baby sit J
Nattiebo: Are you an overclocking "Freak" on your machines?
SuperDwarf: only on a couple machines.
Nattiebo: Do you use any of the Folding add-ons to keep track of stats?
SuperDwarf: Not really, I’ve used Electron Microscope though.
Nattiebo: What does Electron Microscope do for Folding?
SuperDwarf: Gathers information on the WU works kinda like setidriver
Nattiebo: What do you personally hope to accomplish by Folding?
SuperDwarf: Fame and fortune J if not just the thought that I made the effort to help will suffice.
Nattiebo: What is one thing you like about SETI that Folding does not offer you?
SuperDwarf: 3rd place on the team J caching of WU.
Nattiebo: What is one thing you like about Folding that SETI does not fulfill?
SuperDwarf: A chance to serve man, something all dawgs enjoy doing.
Nattiebo: Do you ever read about any of the specific proteins which your machines fold?
SuperDwarf: Na couldn’t find one in Dwarfish.
Nattiebo: Would you ever consider any other computing distributions?
SuperDwarf: Probably not at this time.
Nattiebo: What is the most exciting aspect about the LWD folding team?
SuperDwarf: Camaraderie and friendships here at LWD.
Nattiebo: What does your wife or others close to you think about your Folding habits?
SuperDwarf: They tell me not to mention it in polite company.
Nattiebo: Have you had any success in recruiting people to LWD?
SuperDwarf: Not yet unless they are lurking.
Nattiebo: How did you find LWD in the first place?
SuperDwarf: You can blame TOMaxwell for that, I believe I have the distinction of being the first dawg he pimped here J
Nattiebo: What methods did he utilize?
SuperDwarf:email coercion J
Nattiebo: If you could improve or change anything about the Folding@Home Project, what would it be?
SuperDwarf: I wish there were a few more utilities.
Nattiebo: What do you think the best thing is about LWD?
SuperDwarf: The tushie thread, the please delete thread and…and…well the dawg and not to forget the occasional cat or three J
Nattiebo: Well, thanks letting us get to know you a little better. Do you have any final comments (free reign here)?
SuperDwarf: I’d just like to say….thanks for the memories J and when I log into chat, good Old FT made up a little saying and it’s GREAT but the real one is: “Faster than a speeding snail, More powerful than a leaping frog able to leap small mushrooms in a single bound….it’s SuperDwarf” Just wanted to clarify that….Thanks all.
Here are little bit of extras that SuperDwarf was kind enough to share: This is one of two characters drawn of me during my "CB" days circa 1976-80 this artist also did a painting on the hood of my car a 1976 Pinto (crashed 1979)...this is on a vest barely made it through the fire here. This is from another another vest and artist it faired better in the fire here. This technically not my best work some of the fun work I've done. I was leaving a shop having just spent a couple thousand $$ on lenses and backs for my Hasselblad 500C when this other photographer helped me set up this shot 3 days later I was on my way to Vietnam This is the house that recently burned, Christmas 1991. The burned portion is hidden off to the left. Our new house sits in front of this house here.



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Re: Featured Folder - Monday, March 1, 2004 – SuperDwarf (Score: 1)
by FatherTyme on Tuesday, March 02 @ 03:12:08 PST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
*mutters unspeakable comments and heads off to look at his greeting scripts*

Great Interview Nattie, and Good answers and nice to meetchya (again) to SuperDwarf!

Re: Featured Folder - Monday, March 1, 2004 – SuperDwarf (Score: 1)
by nattiebo on Tuesday, March 02 @ 04:32:54 PST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I just realized that a smiley face = J when posted so each time you see a random J in interviews, the interviewee is smiling!

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