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F@H: Featured Folder - Monday, February 23, 2003 – Blahpony
Posted on Sunday, February 22 @ 18:05:04 PST by Nattiebo

Happy Monday, ya'll. Before I get to the interview... must say this has been a superb weekend... My brother-in-law got into TPS, I did the Myrtle Beach Marathon, and got assigned to the project I wanted at work... ok... done gloating now :-D Anyways, just to put an end to the weekend, we have a fun Folder to Feature to tip off the work-week, so without further ado, let me introduce you to the one, the only (and yes the only... read on...) Blahpony!!!!!

Nattiebo: So,… Give us some details about yourself… - Age, Sex, Student/Career?
Blahpony: I'm a 31 year old male. Right now I'm employed as a PC technician.
Nattiebo: Right now, huh? Are you planning on changing that or did you just switch to being a PC technician??
Blahphony: I've been a PC tech for a few years. Lately I've been doing contracting as a network technician. Right now I'm in between contracts so I'm working at my old computer shop.
Nattiebo: Do you have any hobbies or interests other than computers?
Blahpony: I shoot pool and play darts a good bit. Basically just hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy going to hockey games. Go Caps!
Nattiebo: Do you use your own pool cue? (are you one of those people?) What’s your favorite dart game to play?
Blahpony: I don't have a cue of my own but we have about 5 or 6 at the house. Some are better than others though. As far as darts, we usually play cricket for points. Sometimes we add various drinking rules to darts. If you're going to throw sharp things, you might as well add alcohol to the mix.
Nattiebo: We all know that it’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye… Is it still all fun and games at your place or have there been some casualties?
Blahpony: It's generally pretty safe. We have the dart doard set up so there's a good amount of space around it. There have been a few errant throws, but they mostly hit furniture. I did throw a dart without a tip at my friend once. Scared him a little bit, but didn't hurt him.
Nattiebo: How did you get the name Blahpony?
Blahpony: I needed a name that was totally unique. I thought blah blah blah then thought of a word that didn't go with blah. Pony was the first word that came to mind and Blahpony was born (hatched).
Nattiebo: Have you ever googled “Blahpony?”
Blahpony: I did when I first thought it up. I didn't get anything. Now there are a lot of hits from forum postings and such.
Nattiebo: When did you become a Folding freak?
Blahpony: I can't even remember. It's been about 2 and a half years at least.>
Nattiebo: Where did you learn to Fold (or first hear about it)?
Blahpony: I had heard about SETI but I didn't want the aliens to find me and probe me. Then I saw F@H on LWD so I downloaded the client and started. Reading the forums has been a great help also.
Nattiebo: On how many machines are you currently Folding?
Blahpony: Well, 5 machines show up regularly. Every once in a while a sixth machine shows up, but I can't seem to find it. I guess it doesn't matter where it is as long as it's working.
Nattiebo: Are you an overclocking "Freak" on your machines?
Blahpony: No, I don't overclock. I crash my machines enough just by messing with them.
Nattiebo: Do you use any of the Folding add-ons to keep track of stats?
Blahpony: I use EMIII on the Windows machines I have running. On the Linux machines I just read the F@H files. I also check the official site.
Nattiebo: What do you personally hope to accomplish by Folding?
Blahpony: I hope to get Michael J. Fox back on television where he belongs. Seriously, I just like the fact that it can help people. Someday it might even help me.
Nattiebo: Your favorite Michael J. Fox role?
Blahpony: I used to watch Spin City. That and the Frighteners. That answer was a way of showing that there are things that F@H can help with.
Nattiebo: Do you keep up to date with reading about the different proteins? Do you have a particular favorite protein?
Blahpony: I check on some of the bigger ones I'm working on. Some of that there book-learnin' makes my brain hurt, so I just check on how many points they're worth. I usually just let my systems go until I hear it organize the WU to send back. Then I'll check on what I sent and what I got.
Nattiebo: Have you participated in or would you ever consider any other computing distributions?
Blahpony: Not really. I am happy to be a Folder.
Nattiebo: What is the most exciting aspect about the LWD folding team?
Blahpony: The friendly competition. Being able to talk smack to other people when passing them. Of course, they talk smack back when they pass you. But it's all in good fun.
Nattiebo: Who is your biggest competitor? Have you had any races in the recent past?
Blahpony: I've had some good times with JamZSeSSioN, Pakiii and BamZipPow. Probably more people too, but I've been doing this for a while so it's kinda hard to remember them all. And those darn Knights.
Nattiebo: Do you speak of the ones who say “Ni?” What is your thought on them?
Blahpony: They were fun. They came, they taunted, they passed us. They still show up in the forums sometimes and there are no hard feelings. It would be better if they were still behind us though.
Nattiebo: What does your significant other or good friends think about your Folding habits?
Blahpony: Habit? It's not a habit. I can stop any time I want. They just look at me with blank stares when I try to explain it. They generally understand the medical research part though.
Nattiebo: Have you had any success in recruiting people to LWD?
Blahpony: Some success. A surprising number of my friends don't have computers.
Nattiebo: How did you find LWD in the first place?
Blahpony: Clicking links. I saw the site and started reading the forums and the reviews. When Anything Goes and Freaky Findings went member only, I actually registered. It's a great site with great people.
Nattiebo: If you could improve or change anything about the Folding@Home Project, what would it be?
Blahpony: >Change the default user name to Blahpony on all the systems.
Nattiebo: What do you think the best thing is about LWD?
Blahpony: That people can get into serious discussions and not take it (too) personally. The site also has an incredible amount of knowledge just waiting to be given out.
Nattiebo: Now, for the serious interview question… We know how everyone, even those who don’t contribute as much do add to the site. What do you think your presence in LWD/LBD brings to the table for the group as a whole?
Blahpony: A sense of humor. A little bit of technical knowledge. Lots of spam in PD. I pass beer out to people in the chat room a lot.
Nattiebo: Yes, I must agree with all of those! Along the lines of your sense of humor… what is your favorite joke?
Blahpony: A pirate is walking down the street with a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. He passes a man who asks if he knows he's got a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. The pirate replies “arrgh, it drives me nuts”. I know it silly, but I always laugh when I hear that one.
Nattiebo: Well, thanks letting us get to know you a little better. Do you have any final comments (free reign here)?
Blahpony: I'd like to thank my agent, the academy, my fans, and most of all my goldfish Herbie.



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Re: Featured Folder - Monday, February 23, 2003 – Blahpony (Score: 1)
by ThunderDawg on Monday, February 23 @ 00:58:47 PST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal) http://www.tomaxwell.com/
Pleased ta meetcha Blah ;-)

Re: Featured Folder - Monday, February 23, 2003 ? Blahpony (Score: 1)
by Webster on Monday, February 23 @ 06:16:11 PST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
Say hello to Herbie for us.

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