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F@H: Featured Folder - JAmZSeSSioN
Posted on Monday, January 12 @ 00:00:00 PST by FatherTyme

Happy Monday... Mondays have this awful way of just sneaking up on us... Very quickly, I might add. This interview of JamZSession will make you forget how frustrating it was to hear your alarm clock this morning! So enjoy!

Nattiebo: Hey JamZ!!? Give us some details about yourself? - Age, Sex, Student/Career?

JAmZSeSSioN: I?m 35 years old. Married for 10 years with 2 kids ( both boys 2 years and 6 years ). Livin in the Windy City.

Nattiebo: Do you have any hobbies or interests other than computers?

JAmZSeSSioN: Any thing to do with NASCAR or Professional Dancing.

Nattiebo: How did you get so big into NASCAR?

JAmZSeSSioN: Not sure, I?ve just always been a NASCAR fan.

Nattiebo: Who is your favorite driver?

JAmZSeSSioN:I?ve always been a Mark Martin fan but lately I?ve enjoyed watching the new drivers like Ryan Newman and Matt Kenseth

Nattiebo: Professional Dancing as in Ballroom or another type? What is your favorite type of dance? Do you compete at this time?

JAmZSeSSioN:Competition Couples Ballroom/Country. My wife and I, along with some friends, saw a competition locally that just blew our minds. We all jumped into it together. My wife and I stuck with it for just about 7 years. My wife prefers the Waltz. Did you notice how I excluded myself from that? I?m a West Coast Swing guy. But, after an injury to my Achilles tendon and the birth of our first child, we retired. It?s been 6 years since our last Professional Competition. We still dance socially.

Nattiebo: That?s really cool! Did you and your wife travel around to compete or are there local competitions in your area?

JAmZSeSSioN : We traveled every other week to different cities around the US. Never really could afford the competitions overseas at that time.

Nattiebo: How did you get the name JAmZSeSSioN?

JAmZSeSSioN: My wife and I were part of a dance team that created a dance called the Swingjam. Since then, I was given Swingjam as a nickname. Once I started doing some basic video production for friends I needed a name. The full name is JAmZ SeSSioN Productions

Nattiebo: When did you become a Folding freak?

JAmZSeSSioN: Right after the whole SETI cheating thing happened last year. Seems Berkley didn?t care about the cheating because they were too tied up with BOINC. I figured that if the didn?t care?neither would I. Also, searching for a cure for cancer seems more important.

Nattiebo: Where did you learn to Fold (or first hear about it)?

JAmZSeSSioN: From Code_Monkey (Big shout out to the Monkey). He hooked me up with some alternative Distributing Computing Sites. I actually ran United Devices for a brief while before Folding. Once the LWD Folding Team kicked into gear?I switched.

Nattiebo: On how many machines are you currently Folding?

JAmZSeSSioN: 13 machine?s. 8 are home machine. 3 are work machines. 2 are family member?s machines. None of them are jacked!

Nattiebo: Wow, 8 home machines! That?s impressive? Have you simply just acquired 8 home machines over the years or were they acquired with the thought of number crunching in the back of your mind?

JAmZSeSSioN: I actually have 5 to myself. My wife has 1 and my boys each have 1. All but 2 were built by me. I love Networking and Securities (and number crunching).

Nattiebo: What is your method of choice for networking all of these machines?

JAmZSeSSioN: Wireless

Nattiebo: Do you have different uses for each of your 5 personal machines?

JAmZSeSSioN: Yes. The File Server runs Windows. The Print Server runs Mandrake. My laptop dual boots XP and Mandrake and is my main machine. My learning/test machine runs SuSe right now but will run BSD next. And the headless LWD box runs Mandrake (Folding Only Box).

Nattiebo: Do you find that you get faster results with different operating systems or are they all pretty even, relatively speaking of course, because I?m not sure if they are the same processor speed, and what-not?

JAmZSeSSioN: Running the windows client in Linux using an emulator like Wine, will speed it up a little but you?ll get a faster result just using Windows. We are really only talking about an hour difference. When it takes some proteins 24 hours to complete, the difference doesn?t really matter.

Nattiebo: Are you an overclocking "Freak" on your machines?

JAmZSeSSioN:Nope, never seen the need for it.

Nattiebo: Do you use any of the Folding add-ons to keep track of stats?

JAmZSeSSioN: Electron Microscope and F@H Log Stats

Nattiebo: What do you personally hope to accomplish by Folding?

JAmZSeSSioN: This is where I do the whole ?Cure Cancer? thing right? Actually, I enjoy the team competition as much as the cure for cancer idea.

Nattiebo: Who is currently your biggest competitor on the team?

JAmZSeSSioN: None really. I?m not in the same class as Bathomps and SuperDwarf and the others ahead of me are doing about the same numbers or slightly higher.

Nattiebo: Have you participated in or would you ever consider any other computing distributions?

I may go back to SETI. That is unless FIDO starts another TEAM for another project. I?ll be there to show my support.

Nattiebo: For what reasons would you choose to go back to SETI? Would you keep some computers Folding at that time?

JAmZSeSSioN: At this point, if I return to SETI it would be with only 1 machine (the soon to be acquired AMD/64 3200+ that will replace the Dual File Server).

Nattiebo: What is the most exciting aspect about the LWD folding team?

JAmZSeSSioN: The fun of it. We have a good time ribbing each other.

Nattiebo: What does your significant other or good friends think about your Folding habits?

JAmZSeSSioN: My wife understands this better than SETI. My friends, well, they just don?t get it.

Nattiebo: Have you had any success in recruiting people to LWD?

JAmZSeSSioN: Nope.

Nattiebo: How did you find LWD in the first place?

JAmZSeSSioN: ?How to Change the Windows Bootup Screen? got me here from google.

Nattiebo: And, how many times have you changed the Windows Bootup Screen since then??

JAmZSeSSioN: Once. I think I still have it on disk somewhere. (ARGG) See what you made me do now! I?ll be looking for it for days!

Nattiebo: If you could improve or change anything about the Folding@Home Project, what would it be?

JAmZSeSSioN: Expansion into more Medical areas. A 64 bit client would help also.

Nattiebo: Any particular medical fields into which you would like to see F@H expand?

JAmZSeSSioN: I?d like to see more research on the Brain and Alzheimer's disease. I believe there is only 2 proteins available related to the Brain.

Nattiebo: What do you think the best thing is about LWD?

JAmZSeSSioN: Knowledge. You can get an answer for everything here.

Nattiebo: Well, thanks letting us get to know you a little better. Do you have any final comments (free reign here)?

JAmZSeSSioN: Woof Woof Dawgs. Fold On!



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