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F@H: Featured Folder - Jaymac
Posted on Monday, January 05 @ 00:00:00 PST by FatherTyme

Good morning? and welcome to another addition of The Featured Folder. This week we have journeyed to the other side of the Atlantic to interview a particular potato head. So, on that note, here is our Irish Folding Freak, Jaymac!!

Nattiebo: So, Jaymac, our favorite Irish chap on the Folding team? Give us some details about yourself? - Age, Sex, Student/Career?

Jaymac: Hey, my name?s John, I?m a 16-year-old male student in Northern Ireland. After school I hope to study Medical Sciences at university, probably in England, as I hate living in a country so divided by Religious beliefs.

Nattiebo: Medical Sciences, eh? Do you want to be a doctor when you are older or do you have your mind set on something else?

Jaymac: At the moment I do? well, at least I think I do! My grandfather was a doctor, and my cousin is one, so it runs in the family I guess. I?ll need to work very hard though if I?m to get into Medical School!

Nattiebo: Do you know what kind of doc you want to be?

Jaymac: Not sure yet. My sister has congenital heart disease and was in hospital having an operation this summer. The surgeons there were great, so perhaps I?ll go down that road. I really don?t know yet though!

Nattiebo: I loved reading about her operation, although was sad that such a young girl had to go through that. How is your sister doing these days anyways??? Hopefully all is well!

Jaymac: She?s doing fine now? back at school and coping a lot better. She?s able to walk the several miles along our beach now and back, whereas before she wouldn?t have managed more than 100 yards. She?s still very skinny though ? but her horse riding will soon help her put on a little weight!

Nattiebo: What was your favorite part of the holiday season this year?

Jaymac: Opening all the presents on Christmas Day! Also, the time off school to catch up on all the sleep I?ve missed since September 

Nattiebo: What was the best present you received this year?

Jaymac: I got mainly clothes and some money, but my favourite present was the Network Adaptor for my PlayStation2 coupled with my new broadband connection, which means I can now play games on my PS2 online.

Nattiebo: Cool! Have you tested it out yet? What games do you have that are online???

Jaymac: Yeah, I?m playing SSX3, Need For Speed: Underground and Hardware: Online Arena online. It?s great fun ? but SSX is the only one I?m any good at!

Nattiebo: What is SSX3? Is it anything like Tricky? What a fun game? Are you more into the sporty games, since you are quite the sportsman or more into the adventure or fantasy games?

Jaymac: Yeah it?s the same series, but that?s where the similarities end. Apart from now being able to play online, all the courses are linked together into one huge mountain. I like Arcade/Action games mainly ? but I?ll play anything if it looks like fun! The only game genre I don?t bother with is RPGs.

Nattiebo: Do you have any hobbies or interests other than computers?

Jaymac: Yeah, I play tennis competitively at provincial level ? I?m in the Ulster Under 18 development squad. I play for my local junior and senior club teams too. I also play a mean game of golf! I love to read, in fact I spend an hour or so reading every day. I?m currently reading Birdsong by Sebastien Faulks.

Nattiebo: What?s your favorite book?

Jaymac: Hmm, that?s a toughie. I liked the Philip Pullman trilogy, ?His Dark Materials,? and I love military histories, and enjoy anything by Stephen Ambrose ? ?Band of Brothers? etc? Overall my favourite book would be a book that I read quite recently, ?Emperor: The Gates of Rome,? by Conn Iggulden.

Nattiebo: How did you get the name Jaymac?

Jaymac: A few years ago, when we first got the internet, I wanted a separate AOL account from the rest of the family. I took the ?Jay? from the ?J? in my first name (John), and the ?Mac? from the ?Mc? in my surname (McGuckian). Hence, the name Jaymac, and I liked it, so I?ve used it ever since.

Nattiebo: On what date did you become a Folding freak?

Jaymac: I can?t remember exactly, but I started doing SETI around the time I signed up on the LWD forums, which is about a year ago. I moved over to Folding after I?d done 100 SETI WUs, which I think was around May/June. I?ve been hooked since!

Nattiebo: Where did you learn to Fold (or first hear about it)?

Jaymac: I?ve been good friends with fellow LWD member Toast, for a few years. We met in an old online game, and it was he who introduced me to LWD, and, firstly to SETI@Home. Then he got big into Folding, and convinced me to make the switch.

Nattiebo: Toast, if you are reading this, thanks for bringing in such a great asset to LWD/LBD. Jaymac, do you two still get the chance to play games? What games are you into now, if any?

Jaymac: Toast has been very busy in recent months, and we haven?t played any online games together since Silent Death: Online, but that shut down in 2001. We do manage the occasional game of Chess on Yahoo! ? but Toast is very good, and I?m not much of a challenge for him! I?m playing a game at the moment called Subspace Continuum, but I tend to stick more nowadays to PC strategy games, or my PS2.

Nattiebo: On how many machines are you currently Folding?

Jaymac: Just the one. I did try to install F@H on 7 or 8 computers in a cyber caf‚ in Dublin, at the start of December, when I was down there for a concert, but sadly it all came to nothing.

Nattiebo: Are you an overclocking "Freak" on your machines?

Jaymac: I have a P4 3.06Ghz currently running at 3.15Ghz, but I don?t want to risk it and go any further? I don?t know what I?m doing!

Nattiebo: Do you use any of the Folding add-ons to keep track of stats?

Jaymac: I used the command line version of F@H, with Electron Microscope, when I had hyper threading running on my computer, so I was running 2 clients. I found it not to be much faster than having just the one going so I switched back to normal, and started running the graphical client again.

Nattiebo: What do you personally hope to accomplish by Folding?

Jaymac: I hope that I can look back in a few years, and say that I helped find a cure/prevention for diseases such as Alzheimer?s.

Nattiebo: Do you have a favorite Protein or one that you fold more often than others?

Jaymac: I love p571_L939_K12M_nat, which gives 47 points, and I managed to complete 4 times in one day, but I haven?t got it in a while now. My most common protein is p638_L939_K12M_ext, which is a biggie and takes a couple of days to do, but gives me 71 points each time.

Nattiebo: Have you participated in or would you ever consider any other computing distributions?

Jaymac: I used to run SETI, but I?m strictly a Pooch Powered Protein Pholder now!

Nattiebo: What is the most exciting aspect about the LWD folding team?

Jaymac: Rivalries. Right now I?m trying desperately to catch and pass Toast before he starts Folding again.

Nattiebo: Does Toast know that you are trying to pass him? Once you pass him, who will be your next target?

Jaymac: From the day I started Folding I always told Toast I?d catch him eventually. I?m not sure if he knows how close I am to him, but I?ll let him know when I sail past! After Toast, if I could, I?d want to get after that pesky cat, Akely? but with only 1 machine, that isn?t going to happen. Breaking into the top 40 will be my next goal.

Nattiebo: Have you had any races in the past few months?

Jaymac: Apart from valiantly trying to keep Akely off at the end of the summer I haven?t really ? I stopped Folding when I went back to school in September, and only started again around Hallowe?en. If Toast gets started again, I?ll race him to 5000 points, but we?ll have to wait and see I guess.

Nattiebo: What does your significant other or good friends or family think about your Folding habits?

Jaymac: My family finds it irritating that I leave the computer on all night, which ?is a terrible waste of electricity.? Most of my friends aren?t interested either, which is a pity.

Nattiebo: Have you explained to them the concept behind F@H and the good it can do?

Jaymac: Yeah, but my mum in particular is dubious about anything computer related, and suspects it to be a virus of some sort. My friends wont listen to anything I say about it ? I put up a few notices around the school but nobody paid any attention.

Nattiebo: Do you ever have access to any friends computer where you could just add it onto there or is that not your style?

Jaymac: Heh, that?s not a bad idea ? but I don?t usually have the opportunity to do that. Usually if I?m at a friend?s house it?s either to go out to a club or something, or for parties etc?

Nattiebo: Have you had any success in recruiting people to LWD?

Jaymac: I did persuade one friend to install Folding on his machine, but he hasn?t dropped a WU yet, and it was a few months ago, so I presume he must have abandoned it! I asked my school if I could install Folding on any of their 100+ machines, but they refused.

Nattiebo: How did you find LWD in the first place?

Jaymac: Through Toast, who was constantly giving me links to all these hilarious sites/images, and I wanted to know where he was getting them from (Freaky Findings as it turned out). As soon as I saw the site I signed up straight away.

Nattiebo: If you could improve or change anything about the Folding@Home Project, what would it be?

Jaymac: I don?t really know how it could be improved, except for dynamic stat updates, but Hummer already mentioned that.

Nattiebo: What do you think the best thing is about LWD?

Jaymac: The community is great, and the fact that any computer related problem I experience, I know someone at the forums can help me with it, is very reassuring. I enjoy reading the reviews as well.

Nattiebo: Well, thanks letting us get to know you a little better. Do you have any final comments (free reign here)?

Jaymac: ?In order to find his equal, an Irishman is forced to talk to God.?
--Stephen Braveheart

True, so very true. 
Finally, as you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction!



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