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F@H: Featured Folder - Pakiii
Posted on Friday, December 27 @ 00:00:00 PST by FatherTyme

Today we have Double Feature! We interviewed our first Folding@home LWD Team Member Pakiii. Here are the Current Stats So sit back and learn a little more about Folding and team member Pakiii.

KingKash: Give us some details about Pakiii? Age, Sex, Student/Career, Hobbies, Interests other than computers?

Pakiii: Well Lets see, I?m 23 and Male. Student Wise, I went through a local vo-tech for Electronics, then to Washburn University for Industrial Technology, and then on to KU for Computer Engineering for a couple years. Right now I work for the State of Kansas as an IT Consultant for the Division of Facilities Management. So I get to do a little engineering and computer and programming stuff and kinda mesh em all together. I have some different hobbies I guess. I like to do blacksmithing work and have set myself up a little shop/forge out in my garage (thankfully it?s not attached, house on fire=bad). I started back taking Eastern martial arts 9 months ago after several years off. I?m on my fourth style of Eastern Martial arts (Southwind Shorin Ryu) and that takes a bit of my time. I also perform with Renaissance Sword Theatre. I?ve been with the group for 4 years now and we do live Steel Combat shows, mainly at renaissance festivals. I?m also married to Jessica for about a year and a half now. She also does the sword fighting stuff, so it makes for some interesting arguments at our house =).

KingKash: Is the consulting work a full time job or is it only when they need you?

Pakiii: It?s a full time job actually. Consultant is kinda misleading I guess but it?s my actual job title. I?m sort of a political work around. I actually work in the Division of Information Systems and Communications in the small agency support division. I am assigned to only work with the Division of Facilities Management (not exactly a ?small?agency) however and do all of their IT support and take care of any sort of computer and networking needs.

KingKash: How in the world did you get into blacksmithing? What kinds of things do you make?

Pakiii: My senior year in High school I had all of my English and math type requirements out of the way and had been taking shop classes sophomore year up. My senior Year was almost entirely spent in Electronics class or Metal shop, so I really got into working metals. I had been slowly picked up a couple tools here and there to do stuff on my own, and got into the sword group I am in, which got me interested in the metallurgy of the blades, which led to how do they make them? I did quite a bit of research online and have a small collection of books and then decided to build my first forge. I found a local blacksmith who doesn?t have time anymore for it who sold me a couple tools to get me started and I?ve just been experimenting from there. Most of what I have made have either been swords or parts for swords, since I?ve got an immediate need for that. I also do some decorative stuff like candle holders and iron roses for female relatives as gifts. It?s mostly been a very as I get the bug going out and working on stuff. Since I?ve got the new place now I am currently setting things up to make bigger and better stuff and have plans for several new tools I?ll be needing to make =).

KingKash: What other martial arts styles have you done and how far did you get in each?

Pakiii: When I was little (6 or 7) I took Tai Kwon Do for a couple years, I made it up to Green belt there. I then got into Kaju Kenpo a Hawaiian style of Karate and made it up to Green there as well. I then got into Shaolin Kempo a Kung Fu and worked up to red belt there (1 under black). Right now I just made it up to Green belt in Shorin Ryu

KingKash: You mentioned your wife Jessica also does the sword fighting stuff, that must be fun to be able to vent some steam, while whacking your wife, without causing any pain or marital problems! Seriously though, how did you meet?

Pakiii: Actually we met through the sword group. She?s actually the Vice president of the group and had been in it for two year before I got in. We really don?t get to vent steam and whack each other at all with this, although we do have lots of ?lively? discussions on technique =). We use real swords, are unchoreographed, and are unarmored. We treat it like a martial art and have developed our own system based off of several of the German and English styles of Renaissance Martial arts. It?s all about control there, if a person makes a wrong move or gets a little to overexited someone can get seriously hurt. Thankfully we?ve never had any really serious injuries other than some cuts and bruises. You can also see some of the video?s we have up Here They are somewhat old and the one?s of me are from a character I only played for a few shows as needed. My characters Bio on the site is Here

KingKash: Have you ever had to use your knowledge of these different Martial Arts to defend yourself or someone else?

Pakiii: Honestly, no I haven?t had to use it. I haven?t had to get in many fights and all of those were when I was a kid, and I just don?t count those as real fights. I?m pretty easy going and have always been able to work around actually getting into a fight by talking it out. The closest I?ve come is the tournament sparring I?ve done.

KingKash: How did you find LWD?

Pakiii: Honestly I don?t remember how exactly I found LWD. I know somewhere else had linked to LWD and I checked out the site because there was a review on something that I was looking for. I liked what I saw and kept coming back.

KingKash: Where did you get the name Pakiii?

Pakiii: That one has kinda evolved over the years. It started out as my Initials FEFIII which I used as my first e-mail address way back when my parents were on AOL. I played a few games over the years and used the handle Wolfpak. SO I just kinda combined them a while back and have been doing most stuff online as PAKIII.

KingKash: Have you had any success in recruiting people to LWD?s Folding Team?

Pakiii: Honestly I haven?t had any success so far with that. Most of my friends aren?t too into computers and my co-workers are just confused =). I?ll convert some of them someday.

KingKash: Money aside, which of the newest of the Intel or AMD processors would you go for?

Pakiii: I would have to go for AMD there. I?ve been a die hard AMD fan for years now and I only commit the sacrilegious act of running Intel now for work systems (except for my own machine)

KingKash: Do you build all the pc?s at work or do you by them from system builders (OEM)?

Pakiii: I order all of the systems through a vendor. We have contracts that we have to purchase off of for given lengths of time. My work computer is a different story though. They didn?t have it in the budget for new computers when I was needing a higher end system, but they did have a big parts budget. So I got a new motherboard, Ram and Processor and built the rest from old spare parts computers that I had stashed away. I am a pretty bad pack rat honestly and have a whole storage room upstairs devoted to my computer parts that people have started referring to as the emporium.

KingKash: What do you think about the current lag AMD has in the Megahertz Warz?

Pakiii: I think performance wise they are only slightly behind on the top of the line processor even though the MHZ is lower that?s not what it?s all about. For the high end processors (Not the just released but what most people would buy) they seem to be neck and neck in my opinion but AMD prices their product much more competitively. I haven?t been keeping up with the latest and greatest on the market though for a couple months, so things may have changed slightly since.

KingKash: Where did you hear about Folding?

Pakiii: I actually originally heard about Folding from LWD.

KingKash: When did you start running Folding?

Pakiii: I started about the time that it was first said that there was an LWD team for folding

KingKash: Why did you start?

Pakiii: I originally started off running Seti after having lurked around the LWD message boards for a little while and decided to join in. When I saw someone posting about the Folding project I did some research, and it sounded like a really useful and beneficial project to work with. I decided to completely halt all the Seti work and switched everything over to Folding

KingKash: What was your first machine to run Folding?

Pakiii: The first machine I put folding on is my work machine. It?s a hodge-podge of different parts I scrounged together and FIC main board running and AMD athlon 1300mhz. It?s still running folding now and runs pretty much around the clock.

KingKash: How many machines do you run now?

Pakiii: Folding consistently runs on 2 machines right now (AMD 1300, AMD 1800). Because of work I?ve had to take several machines off of Folding for a while and people have had a chance to catch up to me. I just recently (this week) put 6 machines back into full time Folding (2 650 Intel Servers, 2 Intel 700, 1 Intel 650, 1 P4 1800). When I first started I had it running on 9 different P4 1800MHZ machines as well as the two that are now running it. Within the next several weeks I should be putting 4 more machines back into production that I had to take offline for work.

KingKash: Do you have any machines at home? Do you have high speed internet access?

Pakiii: I?ve got 3 machines at home right now, two are 1800 MHZ systems homebrew, one is not running right now because of remodeling we are doing, but will be before weeks end. The other is a 600 system that is also not running but again will be very soon devoted to just folding and proxy server. I?ve got Cable access where I live now and I don?t think I could ever go back to just a dial-up, ever! again.

KingKash: What type of remodeling are you doing? Are you doing the work yourself?

Pakiii: We bought a house here several months ago that?s about 100 yrs old and we?ve been bit by bit re-painting, patching, and re-wiring. Yea, doing all of the work myself with the help of family and friends. Luckily about anything that I can?t do on the house myself I know someone who can and is happy to help. Of course the Pizza place and liquor store is starting to love me because of it. =)

KingKash: What do you hope to accomplish by Folding?

Pakiii: I would really like to see some real results being made by the crunching that is going on. I?d love to hear someday how a new vaccine or new discovery or something along those lines was invented thanks to the research made possible by the Folding Distributing Computing.

KingKash: What would your ultimate Folding machine be?

Pakiii: I?ve been trying to get together for a while a rack for folding systems only. See I?ve got this spare computer rack from one of the old buildings and a bunch of old 300mhz systems I can?t get rid of, and I?ve been trying to put together a rack setup with just the basics to get the systems to run and see how many CPU?s I can have going at once with VNC to do the occasional tweaking or updating as necessary.

KingKash: What is your rank in the LWD Folding Team? Do you get caught up in the numbers/points or do you just Fold for fun? How many members of the team are there?

Pakiii: Right now I am in 6th place. I was sitting on top for a while back until Bathomps came in and ran right through the whole thing. I had to take a lot of my systems off so people were able to catch up to me. I?ve got most back online now though and I should be able to start putting a little pressure on them =). I like doing it for fun mostly. I don?t get too caught up with the numbers of who?s got what systems and who?s above and below me. Although I do keep track of them =). Right now it says there are 79 members, but I?d guess about half of that are actually active.

KingKash: Would you consider any other distributed computing projects besides Folding?

Pakiii: Right now I don?t see any other projects I consider possibly as beneficial. While SETI may be a good idea, I think there are too many people polluting the waters cheating to make it work and Folding seems to me like more of an attainable benefit.

KingKash: Did you ever run SETI?

Pakiii: I ran SETI a little while after finding LWD and joining the Forums. After I heard about the Folding project I thought that was much more to my taste and stopped SETI production at 150 wu and switched them all over to Folding.

KingKash: What does your significant other or good friends think about Folding?

Pakiii: My Wife is just confused and says ?whatever, have fun? whenever I try to explain.

KingKash: If you could improve anything about the Folding Project, what would it be?

Pakiii: I think just general stability of the client. I?ve had issues with anything other than the commandline client, and even then it doesn?t run right with my v-scanner when I have it do a full system scan.

KingKash: What do you think the best thing is about LWD?

Pakiii: I think probably the best thing about LWD is that everyone in the forums seems to be truly good people. You can come on there and ask a question or make a comment and you don?t see flame wars left and right, but people having actual conversations, and trying to help out those that have questions.

KingKash: Any suggestions to anyone who is thinking about joining the Folding team?

Pakiii: Yea, just stick with it. Folding is a little different than how a lot of the distributed computing is, with Work Units worth differing levels of points and no caching and expiring work units and people get frustrated a little early on. It?s a lot of fun and just stick with it. You?ll move right along even if you?ve got one of the slowest machines running it. All in all it is a good cause that everyone is working for.



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